sometimes a really good run makes you reconsider your life. today, after my tough ass hill work outs, everything just seemed to click back into place. i feel like i can get my life and school work back together. i feel like i can balance everything and catch up on missing assignments. sometimes, i feel so so alone but running gives me hope. even if it’s false hope, i’ll take it.


Sigh why

is anyone going to any of the last two nights of the gospel tour and could buy me the walk the moon snapback and ship it to me in california and i promise i’ll pay you for it?? 


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Inhale, exhale. Repeat. You will find the way… 🙏☀ by valentinaasmus via Instagram

"Gorgeous day for getting work done!" -Shalane Flanagan

AMAZING MOTIVATION:When Harriet Anderson crossed the finish line at Kona — the Ford Ironman World Championship — in October 2009, there were a few reasons she stood out. At 74 years of age, she was the oldest female competitor to complete the race. At 11:53 p.m. she finished, just seven minutes before the cutoff. And the reason she’d taken longer than usual? The arm taped to her side was a clue. She’d broken her clavicle at mile 80 of the bike ride when another cyclist bumped into her. Did that deter Harriet? No. She picked herself up, finished the next 32 miles on the bike, and promptly walked the entire 26.2 miles of the marathon.